Yoga That Welcomes You

Just As You Are

About our classes

All TRUYOU classes begin and end resting, pausing, and connecting to your breath, to the moment, to welcome yourself, just as you are. The breath will be your companion and guide in your practice. Each mindful breath unites body and mind, helps keep you present so you can be mindfully respectful of your limitations and also know when to gently challenge yourself.  


Learning how to breathe well can help you shift your mood, vitality and nervous system responses, manage your energy, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Each class will take you on a journey of breath-led movement, mindfulness,  yogic breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation, to leave you feeling calm, centred and connected, no matter your age, level of experience, or current condition of your body and mind. 

All classes are 75 minutes, unless otherwise indicated

Booking options for all online LIVE classes and Recordings

(other than Chair Yoga - please email Julie for info

Single Pass / Drop In £10
The best option if you just want to try out a class

5 Class Flexi Pass £45 (expires 2 months from first use)

10 Class Flexi Pass £80 (expires 3 months from first use)

This is the best value option if you’d like to attend multiple classes per week

For anyone in financial difficulty please note that donations may be offered instead of purchasing class passes.  Donations can be made here 

All passes must be purchased online here

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These friendly, steady, calming classes are open to all, including beginners, and offer a holistic traditional approach incorporating breath-led movement, breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation.  A well-rounded class to leave you feeling open, calm, grounded and relaxed. Plenty of modifications and variations are offered throughout so that you can enjoy the class at your own pace and level.  Do as little, or as much as you like.  


For more experienced students (minimum 1 year continuous practice) seeking a physically stronger dynamic hatha flow class, with the desire to also dive into the deeper, more subtle, aspects of yoga.  A class that leaves you feeling strong, clear and inwardly still and steady.  These classes include breath-led stronger flowing and static postures (asanas), advancing breathing practices (pranayama), deep relaxation, meditation, mudra, bandha and themes around yogic philosophy.  Modifications and variations are always offered, as is time to rest, so everyone can benefit at their own level.  


These calming restful classes begin with a breathing meditation, followed by Yin Yoga poses, finishing with a longer guided relaxation. Soften, surrender, restore.


Yin Yoga is an accessible floor-based practice, tailored to the individual, that enhances the health and strength of the bones and joints by targeting the connective tissues and fascia, whilst cultivating the 'yin' qualities of quiet surrender, softness, introspection and mindfulness, culminating in deep rest and rejuvination for body and mind.  It's a fantastic complimentary practice to the more 'yang' yoga styles, as well as a welcome relief from the busy 'yang' lives that we lead.  It's open to complete beginners,  as well as experienced yogis, because the emphasis in the poses is on how it feels rather than how it looks. 

What to expect, and how it benefits you?

In Yin, postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body.   Props may, or may not, be used to increase or decrease sensation as required by each individual.  Physically, Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural healthy mobility of the joints and strengthens the bones, whilst muscles remain relaxed.  Maintaining the health of our bones and joints becomes even more important as we age, as the connective tissues become drier and more 'plastic' so Yin is a very effective, and safe way to do this, and offers benefits that a more 'yang' style can't provide.   It's also ideal for sports people for this reason.  Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body’s meridian system, which enhances the body’s energetic flow and supports emotional balance and optimum wellbeing.  The Yin Yoga practice emphasizes softening, stillness and quietness, preparing both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation.

What you'll need at home: yoga mat, blanket, a couple of pillows and cushions, a couple of heavy larger books, or yoga blocks if you have them.   A light piece of cloth (or eye pillow) is welcome to cover the eyes


Join us LIVE on Saturday mornings for a great start to your weekend.  Uplifting and awakening for body and mind, these morning-focused classes weave together a traditional fusion of breath-led movement, energising breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation to leave you feeling bright, clear, open and inspired.  Open to all levels of practitioner, come as you are 



These Sunday evening classes (twice a month) are the perfect way to deeply rest, relax, and rejuvinate for your week ahead. as well as setting you up for a great quality sleep. They incorporate mindful awareness and relaxation practices ; gentle, accessible slow yoga movements lying down to release tension and ease the body ; yogic breathing practices to calm the mind and nervous system ; Yoga Nidra (known as Yogic Sleep) -  a powerful and systematic approach to deep relaxation, meditation, healing and improved cognition and clarity

Open to all levels of experience including beginners,  those with less mobility, recovering from injury or illness, and those seeking a gently restorative practice.  

For your home practice have yoga mat, a couple of pillows / cushions, a blanket, and an optional light piece of cloth or eye pillow to cover the eyes.  You could also practice this in bed 


A gentle class, mainly done sitting in a chair.   Ideal for anyone who would have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, this friendly relaxed class is most suited to seniors, but also welcomes anyone looking for a gentle chair-based class.


Tru You Chair Yoga Classes include breath awareness, joint-freeing movements and modified yoga postures.  The standing poses and sequences are completely optional, with chairs and wall space providing support where required, and are modified for anyone remaining seated.  


We finish with a guided relaxation or meditation to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and more at ease in your body and mind.