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Yoga That Welcomes You

Just As You Are

About our classes

All TRUYOU classes begin and end resting, pausing, and connecting to your breath, to the moment, to welcome yourself, just as you are. The breath will be your companion and guide in your practice. Each mindful breath unites body and mind, helps keep you present so you can be mindfully respectful of your limitations and also know when to gently challenge yourself.  


Learning how to breathe well can help you shift your mood, vitality and nervous system responses, manage your energy, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Each class will take you on a journey of breath-led movement, mindfulness,  yogic breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation, to leave you feeling calm, centred and connected, no matter your age, level of experience, or current condition of your body and mind. 

Booking options for all classes

(other than Chair Yoga & Beginners Course)

Single Pass / Drop In £10
The best option if you just want to try out a class

7 Class Block £59
The best option if you’re committed to attending the same class once a week at your preferred time.  On occasion you can switch to another class within the 7 week block if you can’t make your usual class.  

5 Class Flexi Pass £45 (expires 2 months)
This is the best value option if you need flexibility and can’t commit to a regular class

10 Class Flexi Pass £80 (expires 3 months)

This is the best value option if you’d like to attend multiple classes per week

Payments are accepted online or at class with cash or cheque payable to Julie Preston.   Click here for full details on booking terms and conditions


These friendly, steady, calming classes in East Belfast are open to all, including beginners, and offer a holistic traditional approach incorporating breath-led movement, breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation.  A well-rounded class to leave you feeling open, calm, grounded and relaxed. Plenty of modifications and variations are offered throughout so that you can enjoy the class at your own pace and level.  Do as little, or as much as you like.  These classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings

STRONG HATHA FLOW  (Intermediate)

For more experienced students (minimum 1 year continuous practice) seeking a physically stronger dynamic hatha flow class, with the desire to also dive into the deeper, more subtle, aspects of yoga.  A class that leaves you feeling strong, clear and inwardly still and steady.  These classes include breath-led stronger flowing and static postures (asanas), advancing breathing practices (pranayama), deep relaxation, meditation, mudra, bandha and themes around yogic philosophy.  Modifications and variations are always offered, as is time to rest, so everyone can benefit at their own level.  Runs on Monday evenings


Ideal if you’re completely new to yoga, and you’re interested in the benefits it can bring to you beyond the purely physical.  This course will help you become more flexible and steady in body and mind, as well as less stressed, more energized, calm and balanced. You'll learn about the traditional foundations of yoga, how it works, and how you can take the valuable teachings into daily living giving you a great toolkit for life off the mat! 

*As this is a course, block booking is essential* 


These Friday evening deeply relaxing classes in East Belfast are the perfect way to let go of the stresses of your week.  They incorporate a soothing combination of very gentle, accessible slow yoga stretches / postures lying down and sitting to release tension and ease the body, yogic breathing practices to calm the mind and nervous system, meditation, and Yoga Nidra (known as Yogic Sleep) -  a powerful and systematic approach to deep relaxation, meditation and healing, to refresh and rejuvinate you for the weekend ahead, helping to release deeply rooted tensions. 

Enjoy the ambience of a cosy candlelit space, with the relaxing aroma of pure essential oils to deepen your experience of meditation and complete relaxation. 

Open to all levels of experience including beginners,  those with less mobility, recovering from injury or illness, and those seeking a gently restorative practice.


A gentle class, mainly done sitting in a chair.   Ideal for anyone who would have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, this friendly relaxed class is most suited to seniors, but also welcomes anyone looking for a gentle chair-based class.


Tru You Chair Yoga Classes in East Belfast include breath awareness, joint-freeing movements and modified yoga postures.  The standing poses and sequences are completely optional, with chairs and wall space providing support where required, and are modified for anyone remaining seated.  


We finish with a guided relaxation or meditation to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and more at ease in your body and mind.

Block booking is essential due to limited space

(*please note that the current venue is upstairs with no lift)


These monthly sessions on Tuesday evenings in East Belfast welcome anyone interested in exploring the benefits of meditation, whether completely new, or an experienced practitioner seeking the support of a group practice.   Julie’s relaxed approach welcomes you, even if you think you’re mind is way too busy to meditate.

We’ll begin with short discussion on the obstacles to meditation and common challenges, then move into a series of gentle preparatory movements and breath work which help guide the body, nervous system and mind into greater readiness for meditation.  These movements can be adapted for everyone, whether on a yoga mat on the floor, or sitting in a chair.

Enjoy a guided meditation during each session, using a variety of techniques and approaches from the yoga tradition.  All attendees will receive an audio recording of the meditation so that you can start to build your own home practice.   We’ll finish up with time for reflection, and any questions.   



There are few things as important to our overall health and wellbeing than good quality deep sleep.   Yet so few of us are experiencing this on a regular basis.

Lack of good quality sleep over a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on body weight, immune system, cognitive function, energy, mood, mental health, and skin, to name just a few!

These classes are a combination of simple, accessible, yet highly effective and powerful yogic practices that help prepare your body, nervous system, and mind for a nourishing deep sleep.    They'll also help to replenish and revitalise you if your sleep is currently not good and you're feeling tired.

You'll experience specifically targeted gentle physical postures led by the breath, combined with yogic breathing exercises and guided deep relaxation specifically towards getting a good night's sleep. 

Bring along two cushions and a blanket for this class, as well as your yoga mat.   If you don't have a yoga mat, nor worries, I have spares to lend you