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Cauliflower Broccoli Rice with Peas, Mint and Lemon & Crunchy Toasted Tamari Seeds

The perfect light, fresh fast food for summer days and al fresco dining. Enjoy cold as a salad or warm as a delicious side dish, it's ideal for picnics and lunch boxes too. And it packs a powerful punch for balancing our hormones naturally, reducing anti-inflammatory responses and balancing your blood sugar

A challenge many of my health & wellness coaching clients share is finding the time to prepare and make healthy dishes that taste great. I'm a big fan of keeping things simple, bulk batching and dishes that can be hot or cold and added to. And ideally, take little time to make. That way, you're less likely to reach for the processed foods and binge on the pesky junk food temptations, especially when you're hungry and just want something to grab

This dish is FANTASTIC as it only takes a few minutes to make, and can be used warm as a side dish (great accompaniment to your lean protein favourites) or as a yummy salad which is perfect just as it is, or can be added to. Double up on quantities and you'll have lunches, picnics and dinner sides for a few days, ready to go.

You do need a food processor (and if you don't have one, I'd REALLY encourage you to get one if you're into getting healthier - it was the single most revolutionary device I got that changed how I eat)

The main ingredients are Cauliflower and Broccoli which are CRUCIFEROUS VEG - a family of vegetables that include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spring greens, kale, pak choi, rocket, watercress, radish, brussels sprouts. They contain a magic natural ingredient called INDOLE-3-CARBINOL, a substance that helps metabolize and eliminate excess estrogen, which can contribute towards many perimenopause symptoms, PMS, headaches, bloating, breast tenderness, painful periods, and even increased risks of PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis and breast/ovarian cancers. If you're going through the transition from perimenopause to menopause you want to get as many of these into your diet as possible. Sneak them into smoothies, add them as side dishes, use them in your sauces and make soup! These are WONDER VEG for hormonal balance. Cruciferous veg are also loaded with Vit C, A & K. Did you know that Vitamin K is a direct regulator of our anti-inflammatory response?

Fibre is so important for our gut health, but did you know that it also protects you from the blood sugar roller coaster (reducing insulin increases & resistance, and therefore reducing fat storage) by slowing down the release of sugars from the carbohydrates in your meal. It also helps you get rid of waste, toxins and excess estrogen? Cauliflower and broccoli are great sources of fibre

I LOVE peas, they’re little vibrant bursts of plant-based protein that add a bit of crunch and pop to any dish, as well as their gorgeous bright colour. Including good proteins in every meal helps you feel fuller for longer, as well as offering natural hormonal balance and keeping your blood sugars stable.

Fresh Mint is wonderfully cooling and aids in digestion. You could add any fresh herbs to this, but I think mint, peas and lemon are a match made in heaven. Fresh herbs are a great source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, as well as adding fabulous flavours to any dish

Lemon is a powerful antioxidant and aids in the natural detoxification process of the liver.

Healthy fats are essential for hormone balance, plus they’re great for your skin! I’m using extra virgin olive oil here, and the tamari toasted seeds offer healthy fats as well as proteins, vitamins and minerals. The right fat helps you maintain healthy weight so try adding fats to your meals – great sources are unrefined cold-pressed oils, avocados, nuts and seeds.

If you'd like guidance around ways to support yourself naturally through hormonal transitions, or just feel stuck or bored with your diet, get in touch about my health and wellness coaching programs. I offer a complimentary discovery session so drop me a line

I hope you'll enjoy this recipe, I'd love to hear how you get on so share your comments

Happy Hormone Balancing

Julie x



½ cauliflower cut roughly into florets and use the stalk too

½ broccoli head roughly cut into florets and use the stalk too

1/3 leek finely chopped or a couple of spring onions finely sliced

½ cup frozen peas (thaw in bowl of hot water)

A handful of fresh mint leaves finely chopped

Fresh lemon juice to your taste

Salt & Pepper to your taste

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Tamari Crunchy Toasted Seeds Topping (optional)

Cup of sunflower and cup of pumpkin seeds

Drizzle of tamari soy sauce


  • Pulse the cauliflower and broccoli in a food processor until the grains resemble cooked rice size

  • Gently heat the olive oil in a pan, saute the leeks or spring onions until soft and translucent

  • Stir in the cauliflower broccoli rice mix

  • Drain the peas and add to the mix, stirring well.

  • Remove from the heat and add lemon juice, mint leaves and seasonings

  • Serve immediately, and top with the crunchy seeds if you wish, as a warm side dish

  • Any leftovers are fantastic served cold as a salad with leaves, avocado and other veg added

For the seeds

  • Spread the seeds in a non-stick pan at the lowest possible heat. Shake gently now and again to disperse the heat and turn the seeds. Once they start to ‘pop’ or smell like popcorn remove from the heat. Add a splash of tamari and stir through rapidly coating all the seeds, then leave to dry and harden at room temp. Store in an airtight (ideally glass) container. Fabulous for topping any dish, including salads, stir fries, soups and more

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