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But when the police catch up with him, he is taken to the police station. As he is interrogated, it appears that the policemen suspect him, even if they have no proof. Michel is there for a few hours, until his case is heard. Afterwards, he is told that he has been “admitted” to the trial. The trial is led by a judge, and attended by a couple of policemen, a stenographer, a witness, a lawyer, and the accused. On the stand, Michel tries to explain his actions by describing his life in Nazi-occupied France. But the judge is skeptical of Michel's story, calling his testimony “excessively romantic.” This is the first part of the film, “Voyage à travers la montagne.” “Voyage à travers la montagne” was made in 1957 and is one of Jean-Luc Godard's earliest films. While it does not have a great deal of artistic merit, it is nevertheless an interesting study of the basic dynamics of a criminal trial in post-war France. (The film's title is borrowed from a line in Gide's 1883 novel, “The Judge and the Jury.”) If you have seen any of Godard's previous films, you can expect a different kind of film from him here. It is as if he took advantage of the opportunity to create a short story, rather than a film. The film is divided into two parts of approximately three minutes each. The first part, “Voyage à travers la montagne,” was screened as part of the program “Il était une fois” at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. The second part, “Le recoin secret,” was included in the 1987 box set, “Le plus beau sourire de la bombe.” The film is narrated by actor Jean-Paul Belmondo (perhaps best known for his roles in “Le Samouraï” (1967) and “Sympathy for the Devil” (1971)). The framing devices are borrowed from the graphic novel, “L'Âge de glace” (The Age of Ice) by the Canadian artist Jean Giraud (whose name is also used as the title of his first feature-length film, “The Child of the World” (1974)). “Voyage à travers la montagne”





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Pick Pocket Movie 720p Download Utorrent Movies [Updated]

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