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How to read your company plan from If you have any question or doubt please post it below. . we have a problem with Please check if your windows is up to date. If you found this video informative then Like and Subscribe to my channel. A: The file is not locked, only the download link. Make sure you use the correct link. To unlock the link, you will need to "complete" the survey that has been given to you. This could be as easy as just choosing the number you want. Once you "complete" the survey, you will have the option to click the link to unlock the download. Just make sure you have a way to verify the survey. If you don't have this, just try a survey without completing it. This usually should work fine. tinyfilehost bypass survey downloader: tinyfilehost bypass surveys downloader: UPDATE: tinyfilehost bypass survey downloader, tinyfilehost bypass surveys downloader Q: How can I set the loading animation for a ViewPager from a Fragment's onCreate()? I have an activity with a ViewPager. I want to set the activity's ViewPager's loading animation as the result of a user-initiated action on a Fragment's onCreate() callback. How can I do this? A: try this, public void setIndicator (int pageIndicatorColor,int progress) { if(getView()!= null && mViewPager!= null){ mViewPager.setPageIndicator(mViewPager.findPageIndicator()); mViewPager.setProgress(pageIndicatorColor,progress); mViewPager.setCurrentItem(pageIndicatorColor); } } And in Fragment call this method, @Override public void onActivityCreated(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onActivityCreated(savedInstanceState); setIndicator(YOUR_COLOR_FOR_INDICATOR,YOUR_PROGRESS); } A:




Download From Tinyfilehost
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